The Schmidt & Bender Exos 3 – 21 x 50 riflescope is the latest addition to the high-magnification Exos hunting line. It is manufactured entirely from solid, hard-coated aluminium. The elevation and windage turrets ensure repeatable accuracy and a robust and temperature-resistant performance. The extremely precise parallax adjustment starts at 25m for short distances and also allows a distance estimation. The illuminated dot has an automatic switch-off sensor. The FlashDot reticle in the second focal plane makes the Exos ideal for the fleeting shot at a short distance and for precise long-distance hunting shots!
Hall 6, 6.F36

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  1. bruno godefroid 28. Januar 2019 @ 14:58

    Bonjour, Combien vendez vous l’exos 1-8/24 reticule 7 sur votre stand.


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